Michael S Einhorn Village President Leadership that Listens

First of all, I would like to say to each of you that it has been my extreme pleasure serving you as Village President for the past 32 years.  When I think back, it is really amazing how far we have come and how many good changes have been made in our community.  I take this position very seriously and I sincerely want to continue to improve our community and help Crete continue to be a great place to live in, work, shop, and raise a family.  I work very hard trying to make sure that I make the best decisions possible for the long term benefit of the Village, every department performs up to its potential, and we reach our goals.  I also feel that I must continue to work hard to earn your trust and support.  I want the residents of this Village to feel confident that they are getting the most from their tax dollar and that their basic services are going to be delivered in an efficient, reliable, and cost effective fashion.  I’ve strived to run the Village like a business, keeping Crete on a steady course of improvement and paying special attention to minimizing the impact of progress on current residents.

I have always operated a very open form of government, and I have made it a practice to ask little more than moral support from the residents and business owners.  I have embraced the business community whenever possible, and together we are on the road to increasing overall economic activity within our Village.  I have put together a good team of employees that are dedicated to this philosophy, and we constantly review our operation to make sure we are achieving our goals, as well as making necessary improvements.  Cooperation, coordination, compromise, and common sense are the basis for my method of doing business.  I am very proud of the accomplishments so far, and I want the opportunity to do more.

We have worked hard at planning and laying the groundwork for the future.  During my tenure as Village President, the Village has made a significant investment in infrastructure to serve and maintain our current needs, as well as prepare for the future.  We developed a comprehensive plan for our area that designates several areas as suitable for commercial, industrial, and office research type uses, and now these investments are beginning to pay dividends to this community.  This was our biggest and most difficult challenge.  How do we capitalize on our investment?  Through our well thought out plan, we have had successes in all these areas, and we continue to look for and explore quality economic activity that will compliment our area, coincide with our values, expand our tax base, be an economic asset, and at the same time limit impact on our present residents.

Additionally, as a result of a great Village-business relationship, I am especially proud of how good the downtown is looking and the level of activity that the area is experiencing.  I foresee additional enhancements on the horizon for the downtown and north Main areas, made possible as a result of TIF revenue.  To date we have invested over $4.7 million dollars in the downtown and north Main Street TIF area.  Managed properly, our downtown has the potential to be an extremely unique and priceless asset, but it is not a given.  Vision, commitment, cooperation and realistic expectations will be the key elements to future progress.

Finally, there are a multitude of tasks and problems that confront the Village President on a daily basis.  You can be confident that I have the necessary background, knowledge, experience, education and expertise to handle all of these tasks, along with the vision and drive to make things happen.

In closing, let me emphasize, I have always been interested in public comments and input on Village operations and the direction we are taking.  I have continually encouraged residents to contact me personally with any problems or concerns, because I truly believe that it is just as important for me to keep you informed as it is for you to keep me informed.  Together, we will continue to be a premier community.  Please remember me when you vote on April 9th.

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