Don Seehausen Facebook Response

If you haven’t heard, I have a challenger in the coming election.  Don Seehausen filed as a write-in candidate even before the petition submission time was up.  Apparently he couldn’t find the time to gather signatures to get on the ballot the old fashion way.  He has been continuously beating the same drum about what a bad guy I am because I have been in office for longer than he thinks is appropriate.  His anger seems real and his desire for power very apparent.  People/voters need to realize that the mayor/village president (once and for all they are one in the same) is nothing without a good board of trustees, and if you can’t garner their cooperation, things can go bad in a hurry.  I have seen it happen, and it is not pretty or good for a village.  What is most troubling is that he thinks that because I have been in office a long time that constitutes it as a dictatorship.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I have successfully worked with at least 16 different board groups and probably more.  What has made me and this village successful is that I recognize that nothing will get done if the board doesn’t approve it.  If you think otherwise, you are sadly mistaken.  I present clear ideas, programs, visions and proposals to the board and have to make my case using facts, not power and oppression as he suggest.  Every board member is also free to do likewise.  He is just dishing out more self-serving innuendo to spoof voters.  This Village is a $14 million dollar business that strives to make good decisions based on facts and what is good for the Village as a whole.  Running it is not to be trivialized by baseless accusations.  Someone has to be in charge and that is the Village President, not the Village Dictator.  This is not a private business where the owner is king and everyone else is a servant.

Things were much simpler when I first became village president, but through the years it has become a complex web of rules and regulations.  The Village is a complicated operation that needs constant expert attention and that is what I bring to the table.  The laws and rules are daunting and get worse with every session of the state legislature.  There is no throne that you sit on and wand that you wave to make things happen or problems appear or disappear.  It requires being on your “A” game 24/7 for fear that something will go wrong.  The mayor is responsible for it all, good or bad, and with the help of good willing trustees things run smoothly, good decisions get made, needs are met, residents can sleep at night and almost everyone is happy.  That is what I and the Board strive for.  You elect me to make sure things are run and done right, so you don’t have to worry.  I am here when you need me, all I ask is that you contact me instead of depending on social media to try and solve your problems or issues.  I will listen and tell you the truth, good or bad, and ask that you do likewise, knowing that sometimes we just won’t agree on everything.  I am not going to make wild claims of future grandeur, just that I will give you 100% all the time.