NEW BUSINESS IN CRETE, easier PROMISED than produced

One of the most frequent questions I get as Mayor is, “why can’t we get an XYZ Store to come to Crete, I really like that store.” There appears to be the common misconception that all we (the Village or the Mayor) have to do is call them up or write a letter and boom, they start construction next week. I wish it was that easy, but it is not, and anyone running for office that tells you that, simply has no understanding of how things work. When it comes to attracting new business, converting a starry eyed dream into reality is easier said than done.

There usually is a huge disconnect between what the consumer wants and what businesses want. Consumers tend to run on emotions when determining their preferences for shopping and dining, while most companies make their location choices based on facts, figures and most importantly, whether they make money locating at a particular site. They look at population density, disposable income, competition, and demographics of the potential location, to name just a few. They use specific criteria, and if you don’t meet the criteria, there will not be a XYZ Company in Crete, no matter how much we plead or how much they like the Mayor. They will walk away from free land and incentives if the long term prospect for profit is not there. In many cases with national chains, they make this decision months or even years in advance of actual construction. They also may use developers or brokers that will not disclose their clients. They will insist that everything remain confidential to avoid competitive stores in the same market area from learning their plans.

These same principles for success apply to the small privately owned business as well. The profit motive must be first and foremost in mind when locating a business. If there is no market for your product or service in town “A”, why would you consider starting a business there? This singular fact illustrates why it is difficult to draw new businesses to Crete. Demand and the size of the market are keys to success for any business, along with knowing how to run a successful operation.

The Village of Crete is always looking for additional businesses to come to our Village. However, care must be taken to make sure that the businesses provide a positive impact to the Village and the atmosphere we are trying to develop. As residents, you are perfect ambassadors for the Village to the outside business world, by speaking positively about our area and the values of locating here.